What is BoothBook?

Find out why BoothBook was created, and how its helping of business owners in the events industry save time and money

Welcome to BoothBook 101 ❤️

In this high-level overview, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with BoothBook. We'll talk about our key features and the mindset we had when building the platform. We'll also discuss the 5 key features you'll need to understand to immediately unlock the core benefits of our platform.

5 key features explained 🏆

By the end of the webinar, you'll be able to do the following:
  • Understand Automation and why your business needs it so you can save yourself time, improve customer contact, and make more money.
  • Why BoothBook is Different to Every Other CRM and why you'll save more time and make more money using BoothBook instead of something else.
  • Understand the different customer flows e.g. True online booking vs using BoothBook as a lead pipeline, or both!
  • Know all of BoothBook's key features - find out about contracts, payments, questionnaires, client portal and more.
  • Learn about the free trial, and how many thousands of other business owners we have helped succeed.
We've thrown in a handful of Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices too, so you can hit the ground running like a pro.

Get answers to your burning questions 🔥

Ask us questions at any time during your session through private 1:1 chat.

We are excited for you to start using BoothBook and look forward to helping you take your first step on that journey!

Meet Your Presenter 👋

Chris Collins
I started my own photo booth company in 2013, and life was easy until I started trying to manage too many clients, bookings, leads and payments! I decided to use my years of web developer experience to build my company a platform that could handle all of our business admin for us, and a few years later, that tool became known as BoothBook.